We the owners and unloaders of greathdwallpapers.com consider everyones privacy very seriously. This page lists the types of data collected by us and our third party advertising patters.

User personal information and accounts

We provide accounts for the users, which has the features like uploading wallpapers and creating there featured wallpaper list. We strongly discourage users entering their personal information and uploading wallpapers that provides or shows other people personal information. We strongly consider the policies and any breach in the rules may result in the banning the user accounts.

Third-Party Advertisers

We are currently not tied with any third party advertisers. We will update as soon as we do.

Sharing/Selling of Data

We don't share or sell personally identifiable data to third parties such as spammers or direct marketers. We respect your privacy.

Account Cancellation

On request, greathdwallpapers.com account can be cancelled. User profile and the data will no longer exists and the submission will be moved to the default category.

Data Retention

The data provided and produced by the website may be copied to other machines for maintains purposes.


During browsing greathdwallpapers.com, small information will be stored as cookies which will help us to enhance the user experience. Visitors have permission to on or off the cookies.

If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us.